Membership Rules

The membership of the society is open to any person and also to any firm, body corporate or association of persons. Such membership take effect on admission and classification at the discretion of the National Council.

Each application for membership is forwarded by the Regional Chapter to the National Council for consideration with their recommendations regarding acceptance and classification, and forward the same to the Secretary-General for consideration of the National Council.

There are following classes of members :
  1. Members
  2. Life Members;
  3. Associate Members
  4. Honorary Members; and
  5. Student Members

The society is recognized as the national PR organization by the International Public Relations Association, and is one of the founder members of the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communications Management.

The Regional Chapters of the society regularly organize seminars, lectures and discussions on various facets of public relations. In order to promote professional training, the chapters run, with the collaboration of universities and colleges, professional programme on public relations for students of management, PR, advertising, mass communication and journalism. PRSI today have 30 chapters and 3000 strong membership.

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